Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an event coordinator?

As coordinators we are there to guide you through the planning process of your event. We help you select and organize your vendors, assist you in scheduling, and most importantly ensure that your event runs according to plan. We provide you with advice and insight into the logistics of events. A coordinator is there to maintain the flow of the event and diffuse any situations that may arise so that your focus is on enjoying your special day. If you struggle with organization or you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, consider hiring a full-coordinator to help you throughout this process until the lights are turned off at the end of your special event. If you enjoy the planning process and thrive in piecing together an intricate puzzle, but want someone to ensure your plan is executed, consider hiring a day-of-coordinator to see you through your day.

Why do I need an event stylist?

As stylists we are the design experts for your event. We are here to make those “must have” ideas a reality. If you are looking to throw a beautiful event that focuses on details, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, consider hiring an event designer and stylist to help guide you.

How are day-of-styling and day-of-coordination different?

For day-of-styling, we come in and handle all of the decorative elements for your event. We are there to set up centerpeices {often times along with your florist} in addition to styling escort card table, dessert table, bar accents, cocktail areas and place any decorative items such as candles, ribbons, menus, and anything else that has been planned for your event. We coordinate your aesthetic vendors such as your florist, lighting technicians, and rental companies and we are there to ensure your event looks great.

As day-of-coordinators, we handle much more of the logistical aspects of your event and will be there to personally assist you throughout your event. We provide last minute coordination of your vendors the week leading up to your event, and ensure that everyone maintains the schedule that has been set for your event. For our day-of-coordination packages, day-of-styling is included.